BNP voters, racism and migration

943,598 people voted for the BNP. UKIP, who aren’t much better, actually came second. Alot has been written on this but I don’t feel that I can ignore it. The mirror being held up to our society is just too frightening. Blame has been directed at the expenses scandal, Labour, the BNP’s rebranding . Apathy, protest votes, fear and recession all played their part but so did real racism. There seems to be an undercurrent in all the commentary surrounding this that the BNP have come by their vote by conning innocent nonracist (if stupid) members of the electorate into it. The BNP have attempted to veil  their true extemist nature and many who voted may have been unaware of the implications their real agenda… but this does not mean that the voters were  innocent of racism. I think that there are alot of misunderstandings still surrounding racism, its definition and its nature. Many of the people protesting that they are not racist just don’t get that they are. Amongst others things, a myth still persists that only actions or comments directly intended to be racist should be classified as such. Many of the voters who we may think were ‘fooled’ by the slogans ( “it’s not racist to oppose mass immigration and political correctness – it’s common sense”) are fooling themselves. There is no excuse for voting for the BNP.

Much of their campaign was,  of course, focussed on  ‘immigration’ . The word has become loaded with massive negativity and the BNP worked it to full effect. Migration has always been a part of our history.  If the BNP had their way and reversed immigration, the country would come to a stand still. Migration is not crime- we need it.

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4 responses to “BNP voters, racism and migration

  1. I agree with you in part but not on the idea that UKip are the same as the BNP. Other than the fact that UKip generally appeal to disenchanted middle class Tories, while the BNP tend to be supported by former Labour voters from working class backgrounds, the two parties have quite distinct policies on immigration. A need for immigration is one thing, but uncontrolled mass immigration is a recipe for disaster. We are, when all is said and done, only a small island. UKip object to uncontrolled mass immigration. The BNP object to it based on race. There’s one hell of a difference between the two ideas. I didn’t vote for either party but if immigration or Europe had been enough of an issue for me then I would have happily voted for UKip, but never under any circumstances the BNP. UKip, btw, fielded several candidates from ethnic minorities. You’ll never see the BNP do that.

  2. The major parties have failed the electorate, too busy being middle of the road. The BNP is a symptom of the political Elite’s failure.

  3. Just passing-by as I saw this page linked to on one of my blogs missives. Michael says BNP voters are more likely to be former Labour voters than Tory. As UK Polling Report discusses, the may be more likely to come from Labour *backgrounds*, but they do show a preference for Cameron on Blair.

  4. Blair??? Sorry, old habits die hard.

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